Residual Gas Analysis (RGA)

Residual Gas Analysis (RGA)

TMPI (Thermionics Metal Processing, Inc.) offers precisely measure outgassing rates of a wide range of atomic mass units (AMU’s) from 1-300 using a highly precise, state-of-the-art RGA test system. By utilizing our in-house RGA system, TMPI can meet the highest cleanliness demands in the market.


  • Certification of the cleanliness of parts cleaned by TMPI to customers’ OEM specifications 
  • Failure analyses of contaminated parts
  • Information on processing, storage conditions, hermeticity and material reactions
  • Detect various gaseous, e.g., Moisture, Oxygen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Freon, Methane, Pump Oil, Chlorine, Halogen Compounds, Hydrogen and Organic Vapors    
Quality Assurance

Periodic defect analysis results in process improvements with narrower acceptable limits on subsequent production runs. TMPI’s quality system is ISO 9001:2015 certified ( Our chamber qualification test benches, that include vacuum pumps, gauges, RGA, heaters, nitrogen back fill and a leak detection. Once water and other background are eliminated by the 150°C bakeout, we can provide customized scans and reports to detect the slightest contamination enabling us to attain the highest possible cleanliness for your application!

Vacuum Process Gas Analyzer A Differentially Pumped RGA System for Vacuum Process Monitoring
  • Analyze processes with high dynamic range operating at pressures >10-4 Torr
  • Sampling connection to the process chamber is optimized to maintain fast response time and maximum sensitivity      
  • High conductance path from orifice to RGA
  • Capable of monitoring gas composition and contaminants in sputtering, CVD, ALS, MOCVD, PECVD, PVD, evaporation and optical coatings
  • Re-entrant orifice provides for fast response, high sensitivity sampling
  • Special high conductance sampling path provides for residual gas analysis when the chamber is  at less than 10-3 mbar or at base vacuum
  • Cart mounted system design has small footprint, adjustable RGA height, and mobile
  • Leak valve design extends sampling pressure range
  • Mass range: 300 AMU
  • Dual Faraday cup and single channel electron multiplier
  • 500 measurements per second
  • Data examples: vacuum diagnostics, base pressure, residuals, backfill, sputter-on, bake-out, leak checking
  • Trend Analysis: water, hydrogen, hydrocarbons CO2, Ar, N2 in four titanium nitride deposition cycles
  • Temperature controlled Sample Chamber heater jacket, maximum operation temperature  150°C (302°F)